TOWRE is on a mission to empower its community to build wealth through real estate. Despite the fact that home ownership and real estate investing are one of the best ways to build generational wealth, there is a widening gap in real estate financial literacy. To bring their knowledge, experience and network under one roof, Candice and Malessa created The Organization by Women in Real Estate (TOWRE) a groundbreaking platform that informs and empowers individuals to leverage real estate as a wealth building tool. Through accessible content and community, TOWRE is bridging the gap between the next generation of wealth builders and their real estate goals.

The NEXT GENERATION of Real Estate

across luxury residential, new development, mixed-use, multi-family, commercial, etc.
Named the "New Millennial Power Brokers" by
TOP 1%
Ranked Top 1% of All Agents Nationwide
$500M+ SOLD
Over a half-billion dollars in real estate sold
Malessa Rambarran
Co-Founder & CEO
The Build Up Podcast Host
Candice Milano
Co-Founder & CEO
The Build Up Podcast Host

At the forefront of the next generation of real estate and with nearly two decades of combined experience, Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran - entrepreneurs and real estate experts – have taken a different approach than most.

This power duo has been named one of “The New Millennial Power Brokers” by Forbes, “One of NYC’s Real Estate Experts” by 6sqft, and have been featured extensively in the media, with publications including Forbes, The Real Deal, The New York Post and Fox 5 News.

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